Dear resellers, retailers, flea market goers and all other people who are interested in our items.

Here's a little about us and how to get access to our prices and products:

ShopIC started in 2017 as a small online shop based in the Canary Islands (Lanzarote). It was our advantage that although we belong to the EU, we are considered a third country for tax purposes. We were therefore able to offer our goods without VAT. The procurement of the goods was also so inexpensive that we were able to pass on unbeatable prices.

Little by little, the request for larger quantities increased, so that we often couldn't keep up with the shipping. So we have now switched to wholesale.
It doesn't affect that much because you can also order smaller quantities, which we still have, but of course the price is much better for larger quantities.</p >

Now how do you get access?

You register as normal as a customer, but please provide information (as far as possible) with company name, website, tax number. You can also send us a message via the contact form or email, which will also speed things up.

We will then check your details and activate you as a dealer. Then you can also see all prices and place orders.